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Gypsy Danger

This past July I went on a trip to California with my friend Chase and his family. While we were there, we saw a movie called Pacific Rim. The movie is a story about how a portal opened up in the Pacific Ocean and demons started to come out of it. The humans of planet Earth did not have any efficient or effective ways to stop the attacks. They tried jets and bombs but the damage would far out way the success.

Years later the humans designed giant robots that they used to fight the Kaiju, the creatures coming from the portal. The robots proved to work quite well until they had the idea of creating a giant wall on the coast. The wall did not work and the robots were out of commission so the humans were in quite the pickle. The humans began to use the robots again which didn’t end well. They lost many giant robots and civilian lives. Before all the robots were lost they made a plan to throw an atomic bomb inside the portal. Watch the movie to see what happens.

I really liked the action part of this film and the story was pretty good. The only problem i had with it was that one of the main characters fell in love with an other and they added another story line that wasn’t needed. Their relationship really brought down the movie and it didn’t accomplish anything. It was basically just a filler and I was not happy with it. Overall it was a good movie except for the gosh darned love story.

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