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How I Felt After Watching Iron Man 3(spoilers)


Iron Man 3 was quite the movie and i really liked it but the ending kind of scared me. I know I usually don’t talk about the ends of movies but I feel most people have seen this film. Anyway what happens is Tony Stark removes his miniature arc reactor from his chest. That arc reactor is what made Iron Man and he just throws it into the ocean. He became an icon with that thing, it powers his suits so if he doesn’t have it anymore how will that work?

Most people have seen the Iron Man movies only started watching it because of Avengers and the marvel movies that led up to the blockbuster. So if you have only been watching the movies and not learning anything about the comics then you wouldn’t know what Tony actually does with the extremis virus after he defeats Aldrich Killian. Tony uses the virus to his advantage and his suit physically becomes a part of him.

But that’s just what happens in the comics, so we really don’t know if that is where the movie storyline is heading. The movie doesn’t necessarily drop any hints that that is what Stark had actually done, so we won’t know for sure until the next movie that features Iron Man. There is also the fact that Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t want to be Tony Stark in the single title movies, he only wants to do Avengers now. So that could definitely play a big part on how this Iron Man storyline will pan out.

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