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THOR 2. I’ve Never Been This Excited After Watching A Movie Ever.


Okay so I just got home after seeing Thor The Dark World and I was not disappointed with this movie at all. It had a very well put together story, along with many unpredictable twists and turns which i enjoyed a lot.  But, like most Marvel movies, the mid-credit/post-credit teaser is usually my favorite part. This teaser is quite possibly one of the best ones yet. It set up so many thing for the Marvel Movie Universe future.

The teaser is really cool but it sucks because most people won’t understand it unless they read comics and are up to date with the comic series main events. I’m 85% that the people who read this blog will have no idea what I am talking about, so it would be hard to explain why this teaser made me so excited. I still don’t want to spoil it just in case. But anyway, what’s cool about it is that it opened up so many possibilities for things to happen in the future. It’s beginning to look like there are quite a few less popular heroes to people that don’t read comics are going to get their own movies, or at least a cameo here and there. I’m sorry I keep going on about that but I’m just so excited. i guess I’ll talk about the actual movie now.

Thor The Dark World takes place soon after the events of the Avengers, where Thor’s brother Loki tried to take control of the Earth. So the movie starts out with some backstory about the upcoming villain, but after that it shows Odin. Loki and Thor’s father, sending Loki into the dungeon for the things he had done. Then it shows Thor being awesome and kicking butt and showing how cool of a guy he is and that he should be the king of Asgard.but then on Earth, Jane Foster, Thor’s Girlfriend, has been witnessing crazy gravity anomalies so she’s like “I need Thor”. While Jane was checking out the gravity things something happens to her that causes her super hero boyfriend to return to Earth. What happens from there? i don’t know, go watch the movie.


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