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The Amazing Spider-Man

My last couple of posts have been about Marvel movies and I’m going to keep the streak going. The Amazing Spider-Man is a reboot film following the old Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire. I loved the old films but I thought that this reboot was brilliantly done. The new film was more true the comics and I thought that was really cool. From a comic book standpoint I don’t like the old movies but from a n0ncomic book standpoint, I thought it was sweet because I grew up with it. What kid doesn’t like Spider-Man? Anyway I guess I’ll talk about the movie now.

We all know the story about Peter Parker, some nerdy high school photographer whose life changed when he was bit by a radioactive spider. The story in this movie is still the same which makes sense because that’s what happens, but in this, instead of spider-man fighting and killing one of his greatest enemies, The Green Goblin, like the old movies, he fights Dr. Curt Connors. Usually in super hero movies the hero wins and the villain ends up being killed somehow. Finally movie studios are realizing that the heroes don’t kill their enemies. In this movie The Lizard wasn’t killed and he is put in jail. That’s cool because villains are supposed to come back, heroes can’t just fight them once. Plus, heroes aren’t supposed to kill because… doesn’t that make them just as bad as a villain? Deep, huh?

Well here’s the story. Peter Parker snoops around Oscorp looking for answers about his dads death. He comes across a door that has two symbols on it that he recognizes from his dads work. Naturally Peter goes in that room to see what’s up. What does he find? Radioactive genetically enhanced spiders all over the place. Gross. One falls on him and bites the back of his neck and that creeps him out so he leaves. On his ride home on the subway, he discovers that his hand sticks to things and he has super strength. Then we all know he gets in a fight with his uncle Ben and then Ben dies so Peter feels really bad and becomes a super hero. He starts out searching for his uncle’s killer but ends up fighting an even bigger enemy, The Lizard. I don’t want to spoil the ending so go watch it, it’s really cool.

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