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Ender’s Game

Last Friday I went to see the movie Ender’s Game and I was pretty excited because I had read the book back in seventh grade. I know what you’re thinking, “Mason, didn’t Catching Fire come out the same weekend? Why didn’t you go to that?” well I couldn’t because i promised my dad that I would see it with him so I couldn’t. Oh well though because Ender’s Game was really sweet and i have plenty of time to go see Catching Fire anyway.

So, Ender’s Game is about a boy who is super smart and very good tactical thinker. The world is looking for smart kids like him to help fight against an alien race called The Formics, which are like big bug guys who have no way of communicating. The Formics attempted to invade Earth and us humans did not think that was very chill of them so we fought back. Many bug and human lives were taken but in the end the humans won because they¬† had defeated the Formic’s queen’s ship. Without the queen they didn’t know what to do so they all died.

After that war the humans planned to acquire the human’s smartest children to fight the Formics so that they could never attack again. Ender was one of these kids which they picked to go to Battle School. At Battle School they observed Ender and his battle techniques. They knew this kid was the one to lead the upcoming fight against the Formics so they upgraded him to Command School. In Command School Ender ran simulations of battles against the Formics to see how he would act under the pressure of real battle. Watch the movie and see if Ender has what it takes to face these giant alien bugs that are super gross looking.

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